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Fool Moon Acappelland
This CD contains the multiple prize-winner folksong medley "Szerelem, szerelem..."


1. Alane

(Michael Sanchez/Wes Madiko)
Arranged by Gabor Molnar

2. Gimme Hope Jo’anna

(Eddy Grant)
Arranged by Miklos Nemeth

3. Got My Mind Set On You

(Rudy Clark/George Harrison)
Arranged by Miklos Nemeth

4. Fragile

Arranged by Miklos Nemeth

5. Change The World

(Eric Clapton/Babyface)
Arranged by Miklos Nemeth

6. La Belle Dame Sans Regrets

(Sting/Dominic Miller)
Arranged by Miklos Nemeth

7. You Can Call Me Al

(Paul Simon)
Arranged by Miklos Nemeth

8. You’re My Best Friend

(John Deacon)
Arranged by Miklos Nemeth

9. Blackbird

(Paul McCartney)
Arranged by Miklos Nemeth

10. Jesus He Knows Me

Arranged by Miklos Nemeth

11. Ghostbusters

(Ray Parker Jr.)
Arranged by Miklos Nemeth and Gabor Molnar

12. Szerelem, szerelem… [Love, love…]

(Traditional/Miklós Németh)
Adapted and arranged by Miklos Nemeth

More voices: clapping, snapping, tapping, chating and all the silence – Fool Moon



Ignac Czutor (Igi) – tenor
Gabor Molnar (Gabe) – tenor
Gergo Racz (Geri) – tenor
Barnabas Wodala (Barney) – baritone
Miklos Nemeth (Mickey) – bass

The band’s eternal concert sound engineer: Peter Gati

Total time: 48:13

Recorded in SoundRise Studio
Photo: Csaba Schumy, Fool Moon
Design: Betty Baba

Thanks to our management: György Zentai and the Dream & Beauty, Katica, Mini and the others. Thanks to our friends at home, all the a’cappella groups we had the joy to sing together with around the world, and thanks to all our families and fans. Thanks to our sponsors: József Officír, Tamás Meszlényi, Renáta Zsiga, SzabóZé, Péter Szolnoki, Erika Kolonics, Gyula Molnár, Zoltán Mujahid, thanks for your support.

(This is a green CD in terms of recording levels. This CD contains 100% organic voices and sounds and is free of artificial sound generating products such as musical instruments. If you miss them, please play on something while listening… Keep in case, or a dark rotating space over a weak laser beam. Caution: highly addictive. Listening to this content may cause serious and irreversible alteration of musical taste toward a’cappella music.)


Part I.

Vidrócki’s far famed flock
Roams and tramps the hills of Mátra,
Roams and tramps the hills of Mátra
Nowhere to find Vidrócki.

Roams and roams the flock
Around and through the undergrowth,
“Oh, where do I stalk ye
Amidst the deep woods?”

Part II.

Love, love
Wretched anguish
Why didn’t you blossom
On the top of each tree

On the top of each tree
On the leaf of a nut-tree
Let each boy
And girl pluck you

’cause I’ve already plucked
And also missed it,
’cause I’ve already plucked
And also missed it.

Love, love
Wretched anguish
Why didn’t you blossom
On the top of each tree

Part III.

Upon Vidrócki’s burial mound,
Upon his coffin pearls fall,
“Appear now, Vidrócki
Six counties await thee!”
“Six counties, what is that to me?
Let twelve gather here!”