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1. Attention

(Charlie Puth/Jacob Kasher)
Arranged by Gábor Molnár

2. Locked Out of Heaven

(Bruno Mars/Philip Lawrence/Ari Levine)
Arranged by Miklós Németh

3. I’m Yours

(Jason Mraz)
Arranged by Gábor Molnár

4. Duna vizén… (Népdal)

(János Arany/Edina Szirtes ‘Mókus’)
Arranged by Edina Szirtes & Miklós Németh

5. It’s Probably Me

(Sting/Eric Clapton/Michael Kamen)
Arranged by Miklós Németh

6-7. Moscow Medley

Moscow Nights (Подмосковные вечера Mikhail Matusovsky/Vasily Solovyov-Sedoi)
Arranged by Gábor Molnár
Derzhi (ДержиDima Bilan)
Arranged by Gábor Molnár

8. Take a Bow

(Madonna/Kenneth Edmonds)
Arranged by Miklós Németh

9. A csitári hegyek alatt

(Traditional/Miklós Németh/Edina Szirtes ’Mókus’)
Arranged by Miklós Németh

10. Can’t Stop The Feeling

(Justin Timberlake/Max Martin/Johan Schuster)
Arranged by Miklós Németh

11. Don’t Worry

(Teddy Sky/Johnny Powers Severin/Ray Dalton/Madcon)
Arranged by Miklós Németh

12. UpTown Funk!

(Mark Ronson/Philip Lawrence/Jeff Bhasker/Bruno Mars)
Arranged by Gábor Molnár

13. Wedding Day

(Acappella/Russell Brent Lamb)
Originally arranged and performed by Acappella
Re-arranged by Miklós Németh



Bence Vavra- tenor
Tamás Mészáros – tenor
Gábor Molnár – tenor, beatbox
Barnabás Wodala – baritone
Miklós Németh – bass

Published by Schubert Music Publishing, 2018
Recording, editing, mixing & mastering by Gábor Molnár, SoundRise Studio
Produced by Miklós Németh & Gábor Molnár
Design (and much more): Betti Bába
Photo: Gergő Höltzl (Arteria Design)


At the Foot of Csitár Mountains
At the foot of the mountains of Csitár, snow has long since fallen.
I heard, my little angel, a horse fell with you.
You’ve broken your hands; how will you embrace me now?
And so, my dear little angel, I cannot be yours.

Under the yonder sky I see a bird fly.
How I wish to send a letter to my blossom.
Soar you bird and take this letter, if you could.
Tell my dove not to weep for me.

On the Danube, floating downstream, is a flatboat,
a flatboat.
Filled with the sound of music, music and bagpipes.
Huzzah! Carrying red apple and peach,
Huzzah! To Kevi from Szent-Endre – and a bride!

The apple is sold in Budapest, at the market,
at the market.
And thus, the rosy-cheeked bride fancies up
on the way to Kevi:
Huzzah! What a worthy piece this shawl is:
It can hide many-a-lover!

Since the morning, Kevi Tavern is crowded;
it is full
There, with a sharp and bloody blade, Jovan dances
the kolo:
Huzzah! Red was the apple, but still, infested to the core:
Fair was the lady, but still she was a whore.

On the Danube, floating downstream, is a flatboat,
a flatboat.
Loud with the sound of revelry, damning and cursing,
and drunken merriment.
“Huzzah! Aleksinac and Knjaževac are near:
Never again will you, Rascian from Kevi, see me again!”