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Moscow, Bence

Fool Moon 2021

2017 - Moscow, Bence

In January the band sings vocals for Ed Philips And The Memphis Patrol at several concerts and also a joint video clip is made. On the 200th anniversary of the birth of János Arany Kriszta Kováts’s Golden Watch goes on tour again (Müpa, Danube Palace, PIM, Miskolc Müha, Six-Color Theater). In April Fool Moon is invited to the 1st Moscow Spring Acappella Festival and Competition, where their newest member, Bence Vavra sings with them for the first time. The band takes first place in the pop category. They can take the stage with the New York Voices in Hanover in May and then perform at the opening and closing event of the FINA World Water Championship in June. In August their former members – Márk Zentai and Ignác Czutor – are invited to the Szeged Musical Court.
The 13th Fool Moon Acappella Festival is held in October, and in December a special Christmas image video is made at the request of Budapest Airport, using the sounds found at the airport. In December Fool Moon also sings at Bálint Gájer’s concert at the Mom Sport Event Center.

Important gigs: Golden Watch MÜPA, 1st Moscow Spring Acappella Festival and Competition, Hannover, FINA opening, Musical Court Szeged, Gájer Bálint concert


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